Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musée Picasso. MP1990-39. Working Title/Artist: Still Life with a Bottle of Rum Department: Modern Art Culture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: Working Date: 1911 photographed by mma in 1987, transparency 4 scanned by film & media 5/21/04 (phc) Please note mandatory byline © 2015 Estate of Pablo Picasso / ARN Les femmes d'Alger (Version "O") by Pablo Picasso. See SWNS story SWPICASSO; A Picasso masterpiece has become the most expensive painting ever sold at auction when it goes under the hammer with a $179,365,000 sale price. ‘Les femmes d’Alger’ is a “majestic, vibrantly-hued painting” which was inspired by the 19th century French master Eugene Delacroix. The Women of Algiers in their Apartment was a famous 1834 painting by Delacroix which is currently located in the Louvre, Paris. Picasso created 15 variations of it between 1954 and 1955 - with this piece the final, and most highly finished version. The Studio 1955 Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Presented by Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler 1974, accessioned 1994 Woman With Bangs By Pablo Picasso Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musée Picasso. MP117. Weeping Woman 1937 Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax with additional payment (Grant-in-Aid) made with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1987 FRANCE. Paris. Rue des Grands Augustins. Pablo PICASSO at his studio in front of "La Cuisine". 1948. P-FR-PIC-003[lF][lF]Contact email: New York : Paris : London : Tokyo : Contact phones: New York : +1 212 929 6000 Paris: + 33 1 53 42 50 00 London: + 44 20 7490 1771 Tokyo: + 81 3 3219 0771 Image URL:

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